Welcome to PaulAitkenGolf.com

It's not easy to condense 29 years career in a few pages but I've done my best to resume it as succinctly as I can. I believe these pages pinpoint what I've done as a golf coach and where I am now what continues to be a long path of learning. I've had so many influences in my career and been through so many different phases that I've forgotten about many of them. But their impact on my teaching continues subconsciously to this day in the form of a phrase, an image or an exercise that may have been picked up twenty or more years ago. On the other hand I may use something that I read in a magazine last week.

It's always been difficult for me to blow my own trumpet because I think a coach's influence on his pupil's successes and failures may be, at different times over or under valued. But one thing that is sure is that anything I learn that helps or advances the learning or teaching of golf will be passed on to you-the pupil. I would like to thank all my teachers and pupils-past, present and future and look forward to meeting you here in Barcelona if golf and lessons are on your agenda. Or by hearing from you through this website. I wish you good golf and keep on learning!.