Teaching Philosophy

Committed to finding the most effective ways of teaching and learning Paul worked thirteen years under world famous golfing guru David Leadbetter. Having joined the team in the early days Paul was privileged enough to receive direct training from David himself and having observed David teaching for countless hours including assisting with lessons with Faldo, Els, O'Meara, Charles Howell etc.   In his quest to get the most out of every pupil he has most recently been improving his mental coaching skills having recently become an NLP Master Sports Practitioner putting him in a unique position to look after every aspect of a golfer's development thus enabling him to help players break through to the next level be it winning your first European Tour title or overcoming first tee nerves at your local club competition. 

So often a player makes technical improvements only to see the scores actually go up. Using tried and tested mental techniques used by successful tour players can help you overcome the often difficult transition from pratice tee to the golf course and henceforth tournament play. The bottom line is you establish your own objectives with the instructor and he will adapt a programme tailored to the individual needs and desires. Most people want to lower their handicaps but some want to enjoy the game more or not make a fool of themselves on the golf course. The key is you decide and Paul will adapt himself to you - not the other way around. Of course any permanent improvement  needs a long term committment on behalf of the pupil.  Whatever you want to acheive whatever your level you can plan and measure your progress as you go with the help of video analysis and a DVD to take home. And a technical report reminding you of the most important things to work on. For the results minded, Paul will give you mental training tasks to be completed between lessons as an ongoing part of your overall training. The key is not just to receive information but making sure you apply it between lessons.